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Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes

Precious, fragile and breakable goods, you obviously want them to be transported responsibly and safely in cases. This requires solid packaging. Bode Packaging looks for the best possibilities with a specialist eye and regularly applies custom-made solutions. Various boxes, including industrial boxes and case packaging, play a major role in the shipment of your products. Therefore, we assess your situation and then advise which cases and packaging are suitable for transport.

Optimal protection of your goods

During transport, products can suffer all kinds of damage. During shipping, water damage may occur or products may break due to shocks or knocks. With Bode Packaging’s various wooden boxes for transport, these valuable items are optimally protected. Apart from that, they are also packed in the best materials, such as shrink wrap.

The right box packaging

When products are transported in an industrial case, it is important that they are properly encased in the right materials. This is essential for the safety of your goods. (Shrink) foil can be an option for this, but Bode Packaging is also happy to take care of careful lashing of products. Of course, strong hinges and locks are also essential. So you have come to the right place for the complete package.

Various types of cases

Bode Packaging manufactures various export packaging and industrial packaging, including various cases. Our offer includes the following cases:

Made-to-measure (large) wooden cases

For your goods, does it make sense to have an industrial case custom-made? We are happy to take the time for this. Various aspects are taken into consideration to make your custom-made cases a success. Things to consider:

– Value of your goods
– Destination
– Material use
– Weight
– Degree of fragility
– Type of transport (air, inland, sea or road transport)
– Type of case packaging
– Addition of any text

Cases with ISPM-15 certification

Bode Packaging works with cases that are ISPM-15 certified. This includes strict standards that apply to international transport requirements. A large wooden case that complies with this certification can be used for transport worldwide. One of the conditions, for example, is that the cases have undergone HT treatment. HT stands for Heat Treatment, which ensures that any harmful organisms present are completely removed from the wood.

Boxes with careful shock indicators

To prevent damage to your goods, it is also possible to fit the cases with shock indicators. This is also called a drop ‘n tell indicator and gives a perfect indication for fragile or damage-sensitive products. After transport, it reveals whether the correct handling method has been maintained. If this is not the case and G-values have been exceeded, the indicator on the boxes accurately indicates this by means of colour differences. The red arrows then turn blue.

Sustainable solutions & saving on transport costs

Our wooden cases for transport are made of various types of wood. Spruce, plywood, concrete plywood and birch wood are durable materials that ensure optimal protection during transport. We are happy to think along with you in the interests of the environment, your wishes and sustainable solutions. A choice for plywood, for instance, can be more economical for your transport than transport in pine boxes. Of course, this depends on many factors, including the type of goods.

It is also possible to choose durable returnable cases. You can use these many times over for your valuable goods. Do you need advice on this? Then please get in touch with us.

Interested in our cases? Please get in touch

Do you need stable, safe and durable wooden boxes for transport? Then contact Bode Packaging today. We can be reached at +31 184 61 15 69 and or you can fill in our convenient contact form. We will get back to you with a response as soon as possible!

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