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Verpakken in vci folie

Wrapping in VCI foil

vci folie verpakken
Specialist in vci foil

What is vci foil?

Packaging in foil can be done in various ways. Think of shrink wrapping, sealing and packaging in aluminium laminate. From metal parts of windmills to fuse boxes, foil packaging can be realised for every object. The most suitable choice of packaging differs per situation. Bode Packaging’s specialists are able to provide sound advice on the best choice and can then carry it out professionally. On the other hand, the customer decides which packaging will ultimately be applied to the object.

So there are several options for wrapping an object in foil. One of these options is packing in vci foil. This involves wrapping an object in foil that uses anti-corrosion components to drive moisture away from the object. This is because vci foil neutralises oxygen, water particles and other aggressive substances in the air. These substances can corrode bare metals, causing corrosion. This ensures that your object is protected against weather, dirt, moisture, and so on.

When to choose vci foil?

It is advisable to opt for vci foil when an object needs to be protected from corrosion formation during transport or storage, without having to make adjustments to the packaging. The anti-corrosion components in the foil ensure long-term protection.

Have your goods packed in vci foil?

If you have any questions about packaging in vci foil, our staff are on hand to help. You can contact us by phone, email or request a quote directly on our website.


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