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Folding boxes

Standard wooden folding boxes

The folding boxes have four folding walls with a bottom and a lid. On request, they are fitted with beams so that the cases can be moved with a forklift truck or a pump truck without causing damage. These cases are fully closed, made of 6 mm thick birch wood and suitable for various export purposes. Unlike cases made of plywood or spruce, standard folding cases are lightweight. This results in cost savings during transport. Moreover, they take up less space in your warehouse. The folding cases are supplied as a kit and, if you wish, the forklift bars can be supplied separately or mounted on the bottom of the folding case. 

Folding cases are used for transporting various materials, for instance (machine) parts. 

Should you need to safely transport scale models or models, for example, we can help you with that too. We will make a transport solution for you in any size and design you require. 


Prefer to order directly online? 
Via Palletcentrale, you can order our folding boxes directly online. 


Packaging products 

As an extra service to our customers, we can supply all kinds of packaging materials. If you present us with your packaging problem, we will advise you on the best solution. 

Dimensions folding boxes 

Dimensions of folding boxes that Bode always has in stock: 

Internal size lxwxh in mm:  Weight (excl. beams) in kg: 
580 x 380 x 380  5,1 
780 x 580 x 580  11 
980 x 580 x 580  15,3 
1130 x 780 x 780  24,4 
1180 x 780 x 780  25 
1100 x 760 x 1100  28 
1180 x 980 x 980  32 
  • The folding cases can be purchased with a minimum of 25 pieces. 
  • Optionally available with 2 or 3 forklift bars, supplied separate or mounted. 
  • Feel free to ask for our price list! 
  • For other orders or questions, please use the contact form. 


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