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Moving boxes

Moving boxes for transport

During a move, goods should be protected as much as possible from possible damage. Moving boxes offer the ultimate solution for this, as they are made of strong material and can be used for various transports, such as air or sea freight. 

  • Bode Packaging supplies moving boxes to international moving companies. 
  • Our cases meet ISPM 15 requirements 

Bode Packaging has extensive experience in manufacturing wooden moving boxes and can produce a customised moving box for any product, but it is also certainly possible to produce standard sizes in multiples for your move. 

Tailor-made moving box

Bode Packaging has all the resources to realise every conceivable size of moving box. It is also possible to tailor a moving box during production to the type of transport it will be used for. Think about insulation material, so that the contents of the moving box can withstand damp, cold and heat. 

It is also possible to equip the moving boxes with various conveniences during a move. For example, wheels can be fitted to a case so that it can be moved easily and quickly. Furthermore, handles can also be attached to make lifting the wooden moving box easier. 

Many more specific options for the moving boxes can be named, but for each customised moving box, the relevance in the use of the options may differ. This is because strong moving boxes have a variety of purposes, which is why the use of the options is always coordinated with the customer during the purchase process. 

Wooden moving boxes for optimal protection 

A wooden moving box will protect your goods in the best possible way. For this reason, Bode Packaging uses high-quality materials, such as pinewood, plywood, and so on. We only use wood that has the ISPM-15 standard and has undergone Heat Treatment (HT), so you can rest assured that no organisms in the wood travel along with your products. 

Wooden moving boxes offer protection for large and small products, but also for very fragile products with glassware, for example. Here too, Bode Packaging offers the best solution by using shock-resistant material during the production of a particular removal box. 

Your total partner in moving boxes 

Are you interested in moving boxes? Please let us know or request a quotation without any obligations. We will be happy to provide you with sound advice on the manufacture of your (custom-made) moving boxes. Contact +31 184 726 694 or send an e-mail to 

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