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About Bode Packaging

Bode Packaging is an expert in the market and seeks to connect with its customers based on content. Bode uses its many years of experience to answer the customer’s question in the right way. Or just go a step further by asking the question behind the question.

The customer relationship is an important part of the way we want to work. We look for a connection with our customers in a committed way. Transparent and working with an open attitude. This way of working makes us a stable factor for our customers.

We have a clear goal in mind. Want to become the biggest/best in the industrial packaging market. Bode manages everything in-house to unburden the customer from crate to transport. Bode Packaging offers a total solution in the market with standard boxes, custom boxes and lashing and securing.

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Quality and real craftsmanship first

With a team of specialists, your goods are provided with the correct packaging. Your goods are optimally protected during transport and arrive on location undamaged. What you get when you work with Bode Industrial Packaging?

Working with specialists
Expert advice
Customized solutions for your goods
Flexibility and speed

When you entrust us with an order, we adapt the packaging to your goods. Of course we take your wishes fully into account. We include these when we develop an export packaging based on our knowledge and expertise. The goods are packed quickly and professionally. Together with you, we ensure that transport damage is prevented.

All packaging we make meets international quality requirements, such as the use of ISPM15 certified wood. Your packaging will be shipped worldwide without any problems. You can rely on that.

Special wishes are no problem

Flexibility & customization

Appropriate packaging for every size and weight

Do you have special wishes? Customization is our specialization and is delivered at short notice. Your haste is our haste! We make suitable industrial packaging for every size and every weight. Not sure what sizes to pass on to create the most suitable packaging? We are happy to advise you.

Within 24 hours

The export of goods requires tight deadlines. Our experienced team is at your service for the urgent production of industrial packaging and the packing of the goods. Fast delivery is possible. In the event of an emergency, we can take your packaging into production the same day, possibly also during evening and weekend hours.

Our history

Over the years we have built up a close customer base. We produce industrial export packaging and package products for a variety of customers, such as companies in the shipbuilding, dredging, offshore and mechanical engineering industries. But we also pack precious works of art, paintings and other luxury goods.

With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in a wide range of industrial packaging, Bode Hardinxveld has grown into a recognized specialist within the industry, with many satisfied customers. Since its foundation, our head office has been located on the De Peulen industrial estate in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

Bode Verpakkingen has several locations in the Netherlands from which packaging can be produced. We then deliver this packaging to location, or it is realized on site.

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Lashing bootschroef op flatrack

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ISPM 15 treatment for solid wood pallets

Wood is a natural product and can therefore contain live pests. These pests can hitch a ride with wooden packaging and affect forests. The spread of these harmful organisms can be prevented by treating wooden packaging in accordance with ISPM 15. ISPM15 applies to packaging made of solid wood for support, protection or transport of goods.