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Pine boxes

Pine boxes

Spruce cases play an important role in the shipment of valuable products. Especially when they are used for international and overseas transport. The wood also needs to be ISPM 15 certified because otherwise your products will not reach their destination. The destination location is one of the aspects we look at when you apply to us for an export packaging such as a pine box. But that is just one of the aspects we assess when we advise you which type of cases, boxes or pallets are most suitable to transport your goods in. 


When to use pinewood? 

Pinewood boxes are excellent for road and sea transport, where plywood boxes and cases are more suitable for transport by container or by air freight, because of their lower weight. 

Regardless of the size of your goods, we can realise suitable packaging. After all, we custom-make cases for a diverse range of products. In doubt about the dimensions of the cases or boxes to be used? Feel free to contact us, if required we will come and measure your goods on location. We will provide you with advice on how best to protect your valuable products. We will then immediately assess whether handles, castors, hinges, locks or corner reinforcements need to be fitted. To prevent corrosion, goods can be vacuum-packed and/or fitted with drying bags. Would you like your company name on the case? That is also possible. Naturally, all cases come with all the necessary features for proper pinewood box handling. 

Shock indicators 

To check that transporters handle your products with care, the cases can be fitted with a so-called drop ‘n’ tell drop indicator. The shock indicator is an excellent indicator for sensitive products such as precision equipment, measuring instruments, switch boxes and other electronic products. If the product is mishandled during transport and the G-values are exceeded, the red arrows turn blue. 

In short, we do everything possible to get your precious products to their destination safely and undamaged.