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Made-to-measure pallets

If you will be transporting heavy goods, you can have one or more pallets custom-made. We can manufacture customised pallets, skids or floors entirely to the specifications your goods require. We ensure that the customised pallets are suitable for distributing the weight of the product to be transported as well and evenly as possible. With our customised pallets, we create transport packaging for the heaviest objects such as machines and engines. The pallets are one of the customised packaging we offer in ensuring your transportation. 

To ensure safe transport, we take a close look at what type of product you will be transporting; dimensions and weight are of course extremely important. Of course, we take into account how the product has to be loaded and unloaded and whether it needs additional protection from the weather. If this is the case, we can vacuum-pack or shrink-wrap the product. 


Pallets made to measure by Bode Packaging 

The benefits at a glance when you order your custom-made pallets from Bode Packaging: 

  • Guaranteed quality  
  • All sizes possible 
  • Own production 
  • Customised pallets meet ISPM 15 requirements 
  • Good service 
  • Specialists with 30+ years of experience 

We will gladly convince you of our craftsmanship. 

Skid lashen en securen
Always fast delivery

Advantages of a customised pallet

Standard-sized pallets are mostly used in Europe. The europallet is the best-known, measuring 80 x 120 cm. This pallet has a dynamic load capacity of about 1500 kg. With these specifications, the pallet is very suitable for standard freight. But when large, heavy goods need to be transported, a different type of pallet is needed. Many companies then opt for a custom-made pallet. 

Customised pallets can be made to have a load capacity many times higher than standard pallets. In addition, they can logically be produced in every conceivable size. 

Custom pallets lashing and securing

When you have customised pallets made, you can also have the goods secured on the customised pallet if necessary. To be extra sure of securing your shipment, we can also secure the product to the pallet or floor. Thanks to our years of experience in lashing and securing, we know exactly what to look out for as soon as we see your product. 

Some examples of jobs we carried out where we customised pallets and/or performed lashing and securing work: 

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