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Customised packaging

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When you place an order with us, you can rest assured that your goods will be provided with packaging that will take them safely and smoothly to their destination. The product will receive custom-made wooden packaging, but will also be fitted with foil, for example, if necessary.

We ensure that your customised packaging meets the international requirements needed for the destination country. The most important standard is the ISPM 15 regulation. The packaging we make is made of wood that has undergone the appropriate treatments and therefore bears an international mark for proper shipping. In this way, it can be shipped safely.

Flexible and fast Customisation

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Customised wooden packaging

Flexible and fast customisation

For your custom made packaging you can contact Bode Packaging. We supply industrial packaging and create these entirely to your specifications. We can ensure a quick delivery of your custom packaging. If required we can measure on site. Express delivery is also possible.

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Customised export packaging

Customised export packaging

Bode Packaging has been a specialist in the manufacture of customised export packaging for over thirty years. We have extensive experience in export crates, crates, moving boxes, customised pallets, skids, transport saddles, hollow blocks and much more. Besides making the load carrier, we can also secure your goods in containers, on flat racks and other units. If necessary, we can also provide your goods, such as machines, with protection, such as VCI film, or other protective materials. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.