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Valuable goods deserve the best attention for safe transport. To make this possible, you have come to the right place at Bode Packaging. We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing packaging for a wide variety of goods. This also applies to machine transport and we can contribute to a machine relocation in various ways. For example, it is possible to have a wooden case made to measure for the machine in question, but we can also apply shrink wrap to a machine. In addition, it is important to secure the export case responsibly for transport. Thanks to our specialism in lashing and securing we are able to secure the machine with lashing straps (seaworthy) before it is transported. If necessary, we will visit the site to realise the case or packaging. 


Wooden box for machine transport

Moving a machine is a project that involves a lot of precision. Realising a customised export case can make this project easier. During the manufacture of a case, a pallet that is strong and large enough for the good in question is first created. This makes it easier to move a machine, for example, before, after or during transport. An export case protects a machine from several risks during transport. Firstly, it is important to protect a machine from shocks that could damage it. Damp can also be a potential danger and, for this reason, it is possible to apply shrink wrap or tarpaulins before the wooden case is placed around the machine. 

Shrink wrap for machine enclosure 

It was mentioned earlier, but a wooden case is not the only form of protection for a machine. If a machine is going to be transported by road or left outside for an extended period of time, shrink wrap can provide appropriate protection. Shrink wrap is stretched tightly around an object by heat forming on the film. This way, goods are protected from various weather conditions and dirt. 

Bode Packaging, your partner in machine transport 

Thanks to years of experience and specialisation in packaging, we are able to offer safe transport of your machine. We have already packaged machines for several customers and they have arrived safely at their destination. In consultation with the customer, we determine which tailor-made case will be made and/or whether the machine will be protected by shrink wrap. Bode Packaging specialises in packaging and is therefore not a carrier itself. However, we are able to package your machine and have it transported in collaboration with a carrier from our network. 

Are you interested in our services to move your machine or do you need more information? Feel free to let us know and feel free to contact us on +31 184 726 694 or send an email to 


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