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Export crates

Customized export crates

Are you looking for sturdy wooden export cases, suitable to transport your valuable products? Then you have come to the right place at Bode. After all, for some products, a case as export packaging is an ideal option. Cases weigh significantly less than cases because they require less wood because of their open structure, are sturdy and resilient, and are custom-made for you. Export cases are perfectly suitable for road, air and sea transport. In addition, your product is highly visible from the outside so transporters and other interested parties can immediately see which product is being transported, how best to lift it or how it has been loaded. In short, a cost-saving and safe way to transport your products.


Valuable products can be protected from water damage or shocks in various ways such as sealing the cargo and shrink wrapping, among others. In consultation with you, we determine which method offers the most effective protection.

Savings on export packaging

Due to the weight saving, transporting your products will cost less. Less material is also needed to make the cases, making the price of a case lower than e.g. a pine box.

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