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Exhibition case

Tailor-made exhibition case

Many of the boxes we make are for one-off use but Bode Packaging also makes boxes that last a very long time and can be used again and again: the so-called exhibition case or re-usable. 

The exhibition case is widely used by customers who regularly exhibit their valuable products at (international) trade fairs, in which case it is handy to have cases on hand that offer more options than standard cases. Exhibition cases are not only more sturdily constructed, but are also easily movable if castors are fitted. To our customers’ specifications, the cases can be hinged in various places and we fit extra sturdy butterfly clasps. Of course, the exhibition cases are fitted with the desired compartmentalisation, can be painted in any colour and can be provided with the client’s logo. 


Museums, which regularly lend collections to other museums, also make frequent use of these types of cases as they provide excellent protection against transport damage. The exhibition case is also highly sought after by engine factories, in shipping and offshore. 

In short, if you regularly need to transport the same products, to and from the place of origin, then using exhibition cases is definitely recommended and also a wise investment. 

The cases are mostly made of birch wood because of its high quality appearance. Cases, which have to be exposed to extreme weather conditions, are made of concrete plywood. Of course, we make your cases in any size according to your specific requirements. 

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