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Transport boxes

houten transportkist op een heftruck
Transport boxes in all sizes

Transport crates made of wood

Wooden transport boxes, made of spruce, plywood, birch or concrete plywood, are durable, solid and offer good protection during transport on the road. Whether you need 1, 30 or 100, we ensure that you have them in time and in the sizes you need!

Your valuable products are well protected with our transport boxes. The size and weight of the wooden export crates are no problem for us. We produce both small and very large export crates. Transport crates are made in our modern workshop and, if necessary, we pack your products in these export crates at the location of your choice.

Transportkisten van grote lengte op heftruck
Length of boxes per forklift

Transport boxes delivered quickly

We understand very well that an airplane, ship or truck must be able to be loaded quickly and that you do not always know well in advance when you have to pack what or have it packed. The trademark of Bode Packaging is that we deliver quickly; very quick! Customized export crates, which are ordered in the morning, for example, are delivered the same day in 95% of the cases, without making any concessions to quality.

Transportkist op locatie
Transportkist op locatie

Transport box on location

We can tailor-make the transport boxes for you. In addition, the wooden boxes can be provided with symbols, shipping data and all possible handles, handles, hinges, closures and other closing variants, insulation material, wheels, shock-absorbing and moisture-absorbing material, as is also possible with our moving boxes.

By placing your logo on your export crates, you can even work on your brand awareness during the transport of your products. If you wish, we will make special templates for you with the text you would like to have on the boxes and where you would like it to be placed

Transportkisten optimaal beschermd & waterdicht

When you send goods by transport, you naturally want them to be optimally protected. Bode Packaging uses strict guidelines for packaging your goods.

We only use wood that is certified according to the guidelines of ISPM-15. This is a phytosanitary regulation, drawn up by the International Plant Protection Convention. It is especially important that wood has undergone a Heat Treatment (HT) treatment to prevent unwanted organisms from remaining in the wood.

Sustainable return cases and packaging for fragile products

Bode also produces durable return crates; so versatile boxes. The possibility for you to transport your products many times in the same packaging. We offer various solutions for fragile products, such as paintings, glass plates, etc. We create suitable packaging for every type of product.

Choose the finish that suits your needs

To ensure that the transport of the boxes runs smoothly, you can choose from various desired finishes. Naturally, the required ISPM-15 standard is taken into account. In this way, all transport boxes meet the correct international export requirements.

In addition, any form of finish is possible, matching your wishes. You can go for:

  • Transport boxes with aluminum
  • Shockproof material
  • Water resistant material
  • Sturdy hinges and locks
  • Transport boxes with wheels

Assemble transport boxes on location

For some goods it is better to pack this on location. That is why we also offer on-site assembly of transport boxes. All necessary materials are brought together at the location of your choice into a sturdy transport box in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Are you interested in our wooden transport crates?

We always ensure that your valuable goods are safely transported from A to B. Do you need more information or would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact 0184-611569 or send an email to

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