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Transporting paintings

transportverpakking schilderijen
Transporting paintings

Transporting paintings

Do you have a painting you want to transport? Painting cases are often used to send a painting abroad, for example. Fine artists, galleries and art collectors who want to send paintings to buyers and exhibitions obviously want them to arrive undamaged and in good condition. For this reason, it is extremely important to choose a company that knows how to fully protect your valuables. 

Bode Packaging has extensive experience in making quality painting cases and has been helping customers get their paintings safely to their destination for many years. By treating every project with exceptional care and offering custom-made painting boxes, we ensure that your painting is transported correctly! 

Transporting paintings preview

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Painting boxes from Bode Packaging

At Bode Packaging, you have come to the right place when it comes to transport packaging and painting boxes in which to transport your paintings. We offer expert art shipping that, with the help of our customised solutions, are fully tailored to your needs and requirements. Bode Packaging prides itself on the quality we deliver. Together with our competitive rates, we ensure you get the painting box your artwork needs! 

Whether it’s a short or long distance shipment, domestic or to a foreign country, at Bode Packaging we treat every project with the same care and attention to ensure that our painting boxes meet the correct packaging requirements of your object! Customising painting cases is one of our specialisations. Our in-house team consists of specialists with extensive experience who ensure that every object arrives at its destination in perfect condition. To make this possible, it is important that we have the right measurements. We are therefore happy to contact you first so the object is measured correctly. 

We know all the ins and outs and know how to make painting cases of any size. If necessary, we can also build a customised case at the customer’s site. 

To get an impression of how we pack a single painting or several paintings, the following pictures of transport packaging for paintings are demonstrated. This is just one example. There are various packaging solutions for paintings. 

Need painting boxes to ship your painting? Get in touch!

Are you interested in our painting cases? Or would you like to know more about packing your precious paintings? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to offer advice on what is the best way to package them! 

You can reach us by phone by calling +31 (0)184 201 729 or by emailing Would you prefer us to contact you? Then fill in our contact form. One of our specialists will contact you soon. 

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