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Verpakken in aluminium laminaat

Wrapping in aluminium laminate

Alu foil verpakking vacuüm maken
Specialist in aluminium laminate

What is aluminium laminate?

Bode Packaging’s specialists have extensive experience in realizing packaging with foil. Any object can be coated with foil to protect it from moisture, dirt, weather, and so on. The choice of foil type differs per situation. We will be happy to advise you which solution is most suitable for your goods.

There are several ways to wrap an object with foil. Shrink wrapping or sealing an object with special foil protects it from moisture, dirt and weather. However, this does not vacuum-package the object. If an object needs to be vacuum-packed, aluminium laminate can be used. Aluminium laminate is often referred to as alufoil. With alufoil, an object is vacuum packed and corrosion is prevented by using absorption material or drying agents.

When to choose alu foil?

If you want your goods to be vacuum-packed and thus prevent corrosion forming on the object, it is advisable to use alu foil.

Have your goods packed in alu foil?

Our staff are ready to explain how to pack in alu foil or to provide you with a quotation. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or request a quote directly through our website.

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