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Shrink wrapping, a specialism

Apart from producing and packing wooden export packaging, we can also offer you various packaging options, such as:

  • Protect and/or shrink wrap your products or export cases with high-quality foil.
  • Seaworthy covering of cases and containers.
  • Vacuum-packing valuable products, which prevents moisture from entering your product or packaging.
  • Application of moisture-repellent VCI foil or Aluminium laminate.

Of course, we will advise you which method best suits your products and type of transport.

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Whether it is machinery, boats, constructions, or other goods, Bode Packaging has extensive experience for the professional and proper shrink wrapping of your goods.

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Specialist in shrinking

What is shrinking?

Shrinking is the process whereby an object receives a protective layer in the form of foil. During this process, the foil is shrunk around the object. This is made possible by means of a heat process. When foil is heated, it can be pulled tight along the object.

By using shrink wrap, objects are protected against dirt and moisture during storage or transport. The process of applying this foil to the objects is called shrink wrapping. This is the same process as sealing.

Applying shrink foil is at all times a custom made packaging, therefore almost every object can be shrunk with foil. Bode Packaging can perform this at any desired location, so also at the customer’s site.

When to choose shrinking?

Foil shrinking can be applied to all objects. However, it depends on the situation to determine which type of foil is most suitable for the object in question. Shrink foil, for example, is often applied to objects that cannot be damaged internally by moisture. If this is the case, aluminium laminate or Vci foil can be chosen. These types of packaging are corrosion-resistant.

Shrink wrapping on location

The application of shrink foil can be done at any location. This is why it is possible to shrink-wrap your goods at your company’s location. If desired, it is also possible at all times to have this done at Bode Packaging’s locations.

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