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Fastening beams and sheet piling on a ship

Stalen binten gestabiliseerd met hout blokkering

By applying the techniques of lashing and securing, Bode Packaging’s specialists know how to make safe transport possible for any object. Within the sea freight sector, we have already provided many customers with secured cargo on board ships. Lashing & securing and sea freight are inextricably linked, because cargo can be damaged during transport by shifting on the ship.

Securing project cargo on site

For one of our clients’ projects, our specialists fixed steel beams and steel sheet piling on board a ship. Beams are widely used in building structures such as sheds. Sheet piling, on the other hand, is used in the construction of quays in ports, among other things. Due to the large size of the objects, this was considered a project cargo, requiring a project-based approach. The weight of this project cargo is about 700 tons. This project cargo was carried out on site at the customer’s premises.

Fastening the beams and sheet piling

This project cargo was secured inside the ship in two layers. The lower layer consisted of the beams, while the upper layer was the sheet piling. Wooden structures were made to secure the beams and sheet piling sea-worthily. This is also called blocking, because the beams and sheet piling are blocked by the wooden construction and therefore cannot move. Blocking takes place on the sides, but also in the empty spaces between the beams and sheet piling. Finally, the top layer was secured with nylon ties.

Project cargo ready for transport to Germany

Using the wooden structures and nylon straps for the top layer, the beams and sheet piling were secured sea-worthily. With this, this project cargo was ready to be transported to Germany.

Secure your project cargo sea-worthily?

Do you have project cargo or other objects that need to be sea-worthily secured on board a ship? Get in touch with us or request a quote without any obligations! We will be happy to tell you what the possibilities are and our experience enables us to give you appropriate advice.

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