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Beer tanks packed and secured for transport by ship

Biertank wordt per hijskraan in schip gezet

The specialists at Bode Packaging make packaging for various types of goods on a daily basis and work with a variety of goods that need to be secured sea-worthily by means of lashing & securing. Every now and then we also come across special objects. For example, you have previously read how we prepared a speedboat for transport. Recently, we secured robust beer tanks on board a ship. The tanks are several metres in diameter, about 10 metres long and made of stainless steel. They were made ready for transport to Scandinavia.

Lashing & securing of stainless steel tanks on vessel

Our lashing & securing specialists set out to this project to sea-worthily secure the stainless steel beer tanks on board a ship. First, the tank was hoisted into the ship and the first tank was secured through lashing & securing techniques. This was done by attaching welding straps to the stainless steel tank and the ship’s floor and then tightening them. Attaching the welding straps to the floor was done by means of D-rings. If necessary, it is even possible for Bode to do welding work on location to attach D-rings. Welding was not necessary in this case. After this, the tanks were hoisted on board and secured one at a time.

Biertank wordt per hijskraan in schip geplaatst Twee biertanks in schip

Because of the round shape of the tanks, wooden structures were custom-made for the beer tanks so that they can rest on these and rolling over is impossible. The combination of the wooden structures and welding straps make the tanks resistant to all vibrations and wave movements of the water.

Biertank wordt per hijskraan in schip gezet Drie biertanks in schip Biertank vastgezet op schip door middel van lashingbanden

Beer tanks packed and secured for transport by ship

As shown in the images, several tanks have been hoisted into the lower deck of the ship and secured sea-worthily. These tanks remain dry during transport. There were so many tanks that needed to be transported, that not all could fit into the dry lower deck and therefore, some tanks had to be packaged. This made it a project fully entrusted to Bode Packaging, as all disciplines could be made available in this project.

The stainless steel beer tanks that could not remain dry during transport were shrink-wrapped. A heat process was then used to shrink wrap the tanks. After this, these beer tanks, like the others, were also secured to the ship in a seaworthy manner.

Biertank vastgezet bovenop schip

Your cargo transported overseas? Bode Packaging makes carefree transport possible

Do you have single or multiple-use goods to be transported by ship? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of securing your cargo. We have many years of experience in lashing and securing, which means we are always able to provide appropriate advice on securing your cargo sea-worthily on board ship.

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