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Machine packaging

When you are looking for packaging for the export of your machine, you naturally like to use good quality export packaging. Packaging machines is craftsmanship; with the right customised export box, your machine will arrive at its destination safely and undamaged. Our team of specialists has all the knowledge and a lot of experience in packaging machines. We are happy to put them to work for you! 


Packaging machines for export 

When packaging machinery for export, there are several things to consider. At Bode Industrial Packaging, we know the critical factors of good export packaging like no other. 

Customised packaging 

For machines, we usually make customised packaging. The packaging should be well matched to the contents, so that it does not move and is well protected against various types of influences during machine transport. Here, we not only consider damage caused by impact or tremor, but also shocks and vibrations or, for example, weather influences. This obviously depends on the type of machine and your requirements. 

Packaging machine on site 

Usually, machines need to be packed at the customer’s site. This ensures that your machine can be transported safely throughout the entire transport period. Our technicians will come to your location to package your machine. 

Export packaging in line with international requirements 

Export packaging shipped internationally must meet the requirements of ISPM-15. This requires a Heat Treatment (HT) of the wood. Our products are always produced with wood that has undergone HT treatment. This way, you can be sure that the packaging can pass any border crossing without any problems when it comes to this treatment. 


Protection of your machine 

We package your machine with care, because if it arrives damaged on site, this may have unpleasant consequences. First, the machine will be able to be commissioned later. Depending on the ownership of the machine, this slows down your own processes or those of the customer you supply it to. If you supply the damaged machine to your customer, this could lead to nasty damage claims. In addition, delivering your products with damage is not good for your company name. 

Things you want to protect the machine from include: 

  • Impact 
  • Shocks and vibrations 
  • Dust and other contamination 
  • Damp and corrosion 
  • Vandalism 
  • Theft 


Diversified packaging options for your machine 

Depending on the type of machine and the journey, specific packaging is chosen. For export purposes, we make many custom-made export cases, in which the machine is securely fastened. With smaller machines, a high-quality pallet is often the basis for easy transport. For larger machines, we tend to opt for more customised solutions. 

Inside the packaging, the machine is secured with wood, called dunnage. This will prevent the machine from shifting or even falling over during transport. 


Packing your machine? 

Bode Industrial Packaging has been in the business of industrial packaging for over 30 years. If you want to package your machine, our specialists will be happy to do it for you. Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you what we can do for you. 


Seaworthy packaging for sea transport  

Seaworthy packaging offers a solution for transport by water. When goods are transported by sea, there is a considerable risk of those goods being damaged by weather conditions. For example, goods made of metal and not treated against rust have a high risk of corrosion. Therefore, seaworthy packaging is not an unnecessary luxury and can be realised in various ways. 

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