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Large export cases made to measure

We consider custom-made large export cases to be one of our specialities. We pack your large shipments in high-quality export cases, suitable for international transport. We do the packaging at your location, so that your goods are well packed during the entire transport. 

Export boxes

You need a suitable export case for your products. You can turn to us for sound advice on the construction of your case. Naturally, we take the method of transport and the total weight into account. We look at things like the bottom of the case, how much weight should it be able to bear? Are steel beams possibly needed to load and unload the cargo with chains, for example? 

If the product to be transported does not require an additional protective enclosure in the form of an export case, we provide a sturdy skid to make loading and unloading easier. The skid must, of course, meet all kinds of criteria to properly carry and secure the product (lashing). When packaging large loads, we can also apply (shrink) foil for protection or vacuum-pack the product so that damp cannot get to it. For extra security against moisture, we include dry bags. 


XL export cases are always custom-made and assembled on site. Our large export boxes always consist of ISPM-15 certified pinewood to provide sturdiness and when the product needs to be transported by sea and has, for example, Australia as its destination. 

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