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Your cargo packed in an export case

Exportkratten machineonderdelen

Bode Packaging’s specialists are able to create suitable packaging for any object, enabling safe transport. Just like in this project, where parts of a machine were prepared for transport. Packaging machines minimises the risk of damage to parts during transport. In this project, the choice was made to package the objects in an export case.

Difference between export case and export box

At Bode Packaging, we package goods in different ways. The choice of packaging depends on the situation in which an object will be moved or stored. This is why Bode Packaging advises the customer which packaging is most suitable for the load in question, but ultimately the customer always decides which packaging will be used. During this project, an export case or an export box could be used. Here, the customer chose to have the machine parts packed in an export case. With export cases, it is easier and quicker to see from the outside what is being transported or stored in the packaging. Also, export cases are more cost-effective than export boxes.

Preparations for packaging the machine parts

In consultation with the customer, it was decided to package the machine parts on site at the customer’s premises. To achieve this, some preparation was needed to finalise the packaging at the customer’s location in one visit. As a result, the panels and floors for the export cases were produced on Bode Packaging’s site. An export case consists of a floor and panels. In this process, the object is placed on the floor and the panels are built around and above the floor. The panels and floors were then taken to the customer to encase the parts.

Packaging machine parts on site

Before the parts could be put in the export cases, the parts were foiled first. This would protect the parts from the weather and prevent the cases from damaging the surface of the parts internally. After this, the load was fixed in the export cases. During this process, the cargo was secured in the cases to prevent shifting during transport. Finally, the wooden panels were placed, with which the parts were completely packaged inside the export cases.

Your cargo packed in an export case by Bode Packaging?

Our specialists are ready to pack your cargo in an export case. With an export case, your cargo is optimally protected during transport or storage. In addition, the case makes your cargo easy to move. Naturally, there are other possibilities for packing your cargo. In an informal discussion, we will be happy to explain which packaging is most suitable for your cargo.

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