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Engine wrapped safely in a wooden box

Motor op skid

More than once, we pack motors for our customers. Engines are heavy machines that need solid packaging to be transported without damage from weather or shocks. For this project, we were therefore asked to prepare a motor for international transport by means of solid export packaging. Packaging an engine is an example of a project we carry out on-site at the customer’s location.

Suitable customised export packaging in which the engine is securely fastened by means ensures safe and reliable transport. This packaging starts with a custom-made skid floor on which the engine can rest. The engine is secured to the skid by welding straps. This makes it easy for a forklift to lift the engine together with the skid as a whole.

To give the engine additional protection from weather during transport, foil was drawn over the motor. Finally, wooden panels were placed against and on the skid, so that the engine was wrapped in a wooden box.

The photos show how our specialists secured the engine step by step and then packed it in an export case. Packaging this engine was a great example of how project cargo can be securely and safely packed so that it arrives safely at its destination after (international) transport.

Need help or advice on packing your engine?

As described earlier, we have extensive experience in manufacturing packaging for engines. Therefore, feel free to contact us for a consultation or quotation without any obligations. After all, we will be happy to help you get your project cargo safely to its destination.