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Seaworthy packaging for sea transport

Seaworthy packaging for sea transport

Seaworthy packaging offers a solution for transport by water. When goods are transported by sea, there is a considerable risk of those goods being damaged by weather conditions. For example, goods made of metal and not treated against rust have a high risk of corrosion. Therefore, seaworthy packaging is not an unnecessary luxury and can be realised in various ways.


Sea cargo boxes as seaworthy packaging

In many cases, sea freight cases are used in waterborne transport. These wooden transport boxes provide optimal protection for your goods during transport. Sea freight cases can be custom-made if required and can also be fitted with various components to make transport easier. Think for example of handles or hinges. In addition, we can also package a sea freight case seaworthy, preventing damp from reaching the object. To achieve this, foam, plastic or specific paper or film is applied to the inside of the case. Bode Packaging uses wood that has undergone ISPM15 treatment at all times. This ensures that no organisms travel with your goods during transport.

Seaworthy packaging with shrink wrap

In addition to wooden formwork as seaworthy packaging, it is also possible to use shrink film. Shrink film is heated and then stretched tightly along the object in question. The film then acts as a protective cover for the object, protecting it from weather and other dirt. In addition, it is possible to apply VCI foil to the film so that damp is dispelled from the shrink film.

Seaworthy securing by lashing and securing

When goods are transported by water, it is important to properly secure this cargo. Bode Packaging is a specialist in lashing and securing and with our experience, we can seaworthily secure all types of goods. We can secure containers, cases, pallets, flat racks and many other goods. We secure the goods with lashing straps and, if required, we can also have the goods covered with tarpaulins. We can also take care of unlashing the goods.

Packing your goods seaworthy?

Do you have a project involving seaworthy packaging of goods? Bode Packaging is your total partner when it comes to seaworthy packaging. Besides having all the resources to pack your goods seaworthy, we can offer you a total package to safely transport your cargo by lashing and securing. Are you interested in our services? Let us know or request a quotation without any obligations. To do so, contact us at +31 184 726 691 or send an email to

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