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To ensure that your valuable products reach their destination in perfect condition, it is important that these products are properly packaged. Bode Packaging specialises in advising and realising the right transport packaging for every product. In some cases, it is necessary to protect products from the weather during transport, because they will be outside for a longer period of time, for example. To prevent weather damage, we can protect products against this in various ways. For example, we can shrink, seal or vacuum-pack products.

The right packaging for every product

Obviously, not every product requires the same export packaging. Bode Packaging will therefore gladly advise you which packaging is most suitable for your specific product. This will ensure that your valuable transport is provided with the right industrial packaging. Bode Packaging has experience in packaging products with very diverse sizes. That is why we are happy to visit you on site and provide your product with suitable packaging. Take a look at the various packaging options below.

  • Shrinking: To prevent damage to your product during transport, we provide it with a protective film. We shrink wrap the products with high-quality film.
  • Sealing: Products are sealed by Bode Packaging to protect it from weather influences during transport. Large objects can also be sealed on site.
  • Vacuum packaging

Getting your product packaged by Bode Packaging?

Do you have questions about which packaging your goods require? If so, feel free to contact us. We can be reached by telephone at +31 184 726 692 or by sending an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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