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Sealen van een windturbine

Specialist in sealing

Bode Packaging offers the option of sealing your goods. Goods can be protected by wrapping them with shrink film: also known as sealing or shrink wrapping. If necessary, we protect the sharp parts of goods to prevent tearing of the film.

At Bode Packaging, we offer the possibility of sealing all your goods, from large to small at any desired location. Among other things, Bode Packaging seals boats, structures and metal goods that need to be protected during international transport on, for example, pallets, skids, floors or flat racks. Lifting eyes can be kept free to prevent cutting into the shrink film. Sealing your goods gives you protective and weather-resistant packaging. If you have any questions about sealing your goods, feel free to contact us.


What is sealing?

Sealing is wrapping goods with shrink film to protect them from damage. The film applied by means of a special heat process shrunk around the cargo ensures optimum protection of your products during storage and transport. For example, against rain and other weather conditions.


Windturbines protected with shrink wrap

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Windturbine onderdelen geseald

When to choose sealing?

Sealing is suitable for a variety of products. For example, for packing large objects such as boats, ship propellers, electronic products or silos. With sealing, you are always assured of a quick and good solution to protect your goods against rain, water penetration, dirt or corrosion.

On-site sealing

Bode Packaging offers the option of sealing your goods on site, so you do not have to worry about transporting your goods to our location. If you prefer to have your goods sealed at our premises, this is also certainly possible. We offer our customers a good and fast service, where even rush orders are no problem.

Have your goods sealed?

Sealing at Bode Packaging is done in our warehouses or outdoor areas or at your location, using state-of-the-art equipment and great expertise. This allows us to seal your goods quickly and with ease so that your goods are protected during transport or storage.

Do you have any questions about sealing your goods or would you like to request a quote for sealing your goods? Then feel free to contact us by phone or request a quote directly.


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