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Preparing the RIB for transport

RIB in krimpfolie op flatrack

This time, not a project in which wooden packaging was the solution, but one that called for a different kind of packaging. We were asked to shrink-wrap a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for a customer. Besides packaging, we were also asked to prepare the RIB for transport. To transport a boat like this RIB, it is best to use a flat rack. By using the flat rack, the RIB can be kept stable and lifted easily.

Below are some photos of the shrink-wrapping of the RIB. In addition, the RIB is secured on a flat rack.

Transporting a boat is not an undertaking without risks. One might think of several reasons that can cause damage during transport. In this project, too. There were risks such as bad weather conditions, splashing stones during road transport or other dirt that would cause unnecessary damage to the RIB. We prevented this by wrapping the boat in shrink wrap. By applying an extra thick layer of the foil, we insured the RIB against the abovementioned dangers during road transport.

Shrink wrap is a material that can be tightly stretched over certain objects by heating, thus acting as a protective cover. This keeps objects protected from moisture, dirt and other weather influences. We carried out this project on location.

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