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Packaging your boat for safe transport

Motoren verpakt speedboot

One of our customers asked us to prepare a speedboat for transport. The boat is a special object because of its size, but also because of its four engines, each delivering 300 bhp. This brings the boat to a total engine power of no less than 1200 bhp. Partly for this reason, the speedboat needed proper packaging to enable responsible transport. Our specialists therefore shrink-wrapped the boat.

Packaging on site

In consultation with the customer, it was decided to pack the speedboat on site. This saved an unnecessary transport of the boat, avoiding risk of damage to the boat. Our specialists went to the customer’s site with all the equipment needed to shrink-wrap an object.

Preparations for packaging

Before the foil could be applied to the speedboat, some preparations had to be made. A boat often has certain elements that can prevent the foil from being pulled over all at once. These include the engines and the panel to which the steering wheel and throttle are attached. For this reason, a construction had to be made so that the foil could be pulled over the boat more easily. Using straps, the boat was fitted with a guide for the shrink wrap from the back to the front. The foil could later rest on this guide. Foil was also applied to most vulnerable parts of the engines, such as the engine units and the boat propellers.

Shrink-wrapping the speedboat

After the preparations were made, the boat could be wrapped. Shrink wrap is always applied using a heating process. The foil is applied to the object and heat draws the foil around the object. This process was also carried out on the boat, after which it was protected against weather influences and other dirt that could end up on the boat during transport. The boat was not shrink-wrapped in its entirety. For this reason, some straps were pulled under the boat to keep the foil taut at the sides.

Packaging your boat for safe transport?

Bode Packaging’s specialists are ready to provide safe transportation of your boat. Packaging a boat is very effective in preventing damage during transport or storage. So feel free to ask for a consultation or quotation without any obligations to optimally protect your boat during transport.