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Package and prepare a tank for transport

Tank op transportframe

For one of our customers, we were asked to package and prepare a tank for transport. The images below show that this was a large object and therefore project cargo. Due to the size of the tank, materials of standard dimensions could not be used. For this reason, customised packaging for the tank was assembled. This process took place on site at the customer’s location, as the tank needed precise packaging to be transported. First of all, a skid was made for the tank to rest on. A skid is a custom-made pallet. This took the dimensions of the object into account, but also its weight.

The tank has a round shape and therefore it could not be laid freely on the skid. For safe transport, transport saddles had to be made. The transport saddles were also custom-made and then attached to the skid. This way, the tank could rest on the transport saddles and not move from its place. In addition, the tank was sealed with shrink wrap at certain points where there were openings, so that no moisture could get inside the tank during transport. Finally, the tank was secured with lashing straps using our lashing & securing service.

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