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Medical unit packed and seaworthy secured for transport

Medische unit transportverpakking

Medical unit packed and seaworthy secured for transport

We were commissioned by one of our clients to prepare a medical unit for transport. We packed this medical unit and secured it sea-worthily by lashing & securing. This unit consisted of several parts and for this reason, the project was completed in several steps. For example, a large tank had to be packed and, in addition, all associated parts were each given their own appropriate packaging.

Accurate on-site measurement

The first step we took in this project was to measure all objects at the customer’s premises. We did this so that the floors and boxes could be made to measure in advance at our own warehouse. By taking proper measurements, we never encounter surprises upon delivery.

Preparation on our own site

On our own site, we have prepared all packaging. Good preparation enables us to start work at our customer’s premises immediately and efficiently.

Packaging on customer´s site

After all the necessary packaging was customised on our own site, we went to our customer to complete the project. All individual components were placed on the floors there and packaged into the cases. Some components were packed in alufoil, as these objects contain electronics that should not get damp during transport. Alufoil ensures that an object remains airtight and damp-free, thus providing corrosion-resistant packaging.

Packaging large tank

In addition, the large tank was wrapped in shrink foil. We did this using a heating process that shrinks the foil around the object using heat. This protects the tank from damp and dirt while being transported. It also prevents damage from shifting or bumping. To check whether the tank would have suffered heavy shocks during transport, the tank was fitted with drop & tell. This is a system where indicators reveal whether an object was subjected to shocks during transport.

Lashing & securing

To prepare the cargo for transport, all objects had to be sea-worthily secured. Thus, all loose parts were loaded into the containers with the floors and boxes and then secured by means of lashing and securing. During packaging, the tank was fitted with wooden blocks on which the tank could rest and stand clear from the floor. The tank was also equipped with lifting eyes that allowed it to be lifted and moved. Due to its large size, the tank was loaded onto a 40 ft flat rack and secured sea/worthily. After this entire process, the medical unit was ready for transport.

Bode Packaging packs your project cargo for safe transport

Do you have an object or several objects that need to be packaged and/or prepared for transport? Then feel free to contact us so that we can help you. Thanks to our experience in manufacturing industrial packaging, packing objects and a specialization in lashing and securing, we can make your project cargo-ready for safe transport.