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Heat exchanger prepared for transport

Warmtewisselaar op transportzadels en skid

In this project, our specialists were allowed to work on creating packaging for a precious commodity. We were asked to package a heat exchanger of several metres long in a case. The heat exchanger had to be prepared for transport. Because of the size and value of the object, we carried out this project on site at the customer’s location. We started by making an extra sturdy skid on which the heat exchanger could rest. The object weighed approximately 15 tons, so the skid had to be sturdy enough to support the weight. To keep the heat exchanger in the same place during transport, transport saddles were made on which it could be placed.

Before the case was closed, the object was secured by lashing & securing. This was the final touch needed to keep the object in the same place during transport. At this point, the heat exchanger would be ready for transport, but it is also important to protect it during transport. For this reason, the skid was converted into a case by using wooden panels. Because the object is attached to the skid and then enclosed in a case, it cannot move during transport, nor can it be damaged by dirt, dust or weather conditions.

Need custom-made case for your transport?

At Bode Packaging, we can ensure in various ways that goods can be transported safely to their destination. The way in which we do depends on your wishes as a customer, but also on the particular object to be transported. Thanks to our experience, we are able to manufacture wooden boxes in any size, for example, so that an object is optimally protected. Do you need help transporting your goods? Let us know! We are at your service and can take care of a special transport from start to finish. Get in touch with us or request a quote without any obligations.

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