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Cargo stowage means securing and placing loads in, for example, flat racks, trucks, wagons and other transport areas. But stowage is still mainly done in containers for transport by sea. During transport, the cargo should not be able to slide or be damaged. 

Dunnage can be done in various ways, including using wood, film and other materials. At Bode Packaging we work professionally, with our years of experience, no dunnage job is too crazy for us! 

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Securing heavy axles sea-worthily

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Stowage of (sea) containers

Stowage of (sea) containers is not only necessary to ensure that the goods in the containers are properly secured during transport. It also contributes to loading a container ship as efficiently as possible, for example. Container stowage ensures optimum use of the cargo space of a container and thus of the ship. 

Much cargo can also be stowed without additional protection. However, it is sometimes wise to take extra protection. Containers can be stowed in two ways; with rigid or shock-absorbent material. This choice is dependent on the type of cargo in question. 

Optimal use of a container can make good use of all the space on a ship. Stowing containers to size is therefore important for customers. Bode Packaging ensures that a suitable solution is devised for each customer. 

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Do you have questions about our dunnage options or would you like to request a quote to dunnage a container? Then contact us by phone or request a quote directly. 

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