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Packaging of explosion-proof doors

Kist voor deuren

During this project, one of our customers called on our specialisation in realising a custom-made case. This involved a case of a very large size, as it had to be made to package explosion-proof doors. The doors would eventually be transported to a drilling platform.

The explosion-proof doors have a height of 690 cm and a combined weight of about 68 tons. Because of this size and weight, the choice was made to pack the doors on site. The doors were first placed on a flat rack, after which they were wrapped with tarpaulins. This protected them from weather conditions that could affect the doors during transport. Finally, the doors were enclosed all around with large wooden panels, completing the custom-made case. Finally, the doors were transported by ship to their destination.

Need a custom-made case?

We can make a custom-made case for any object. Large or small objects, we are at your service. So feel free to contact us or request a quote without any obligations. Thanks to the many years of experience we have in our specialism, we are able to realise a suitable packaging for the object you want to transport.