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Packaging and preparing artworks for transport made by Ewerdt Hilgemann

Kunstwerken gehesen op houten vloer

The packaging and preparing artworks for transport is a profession in itself. Dutch Cobra poet Lucebert once said that everything of value is defenceless. That is why it is worth protecting it properly. Whether it is paintings, monumental artworks or paintings and ceramics, we make sure it arrives undamaged at its destination.

We previously packaged Ewerdt Hilgemann’s artworks. “The three Graces”, artworks by Ewerdt  Hilgemann, were packed and prepared for transport to New York. Naturally, this had to be done very carefully. We are proud to have been able to make our contribution to that.

The artworks were packed at the location where the artworks were also made. Custom-made pallets were realised on which the artworks could rest. To complete the packaging, wooden panels were built around the pallets so that the artworks were fully packed in our cases.

Can we help you pack and transport your precious artwork(s)?

Bode Packaging has years of experience in manufacturing a variety of packaging. Also for valuable goods such as works of art. Please feel free to contact us for advice without any obligations. We are at your service!