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Lash and secure a cylinder

houten krat geskoten

For one of our clients, we were asked to lash and secure a cylinder. It concerned a cylinder and its components, which had to be packed and secured. During this project, all objects were first secured with lashing straps and then wrapped in foil to prevent weather damage. Next, the cylinder was placed on a skid with custom-made saddles, allowing the cylinder to remain stable on the skid.

To enable safe transport of the cylinder, we chose to make a case. The case provides the cylinder with protection on all sides against possible impact during transport. The object would be lifted by a crane with chains, so steel corner protection was attached to the case to prevent damage during lifting. To further ensure this process is safe, the case has been fitted with a ‘centre of gravity’. Furthermore, some markings are attached to the case, alerting the transporter to the essential transport characteristics of the object.

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