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Verpakken op locatie

Packing on location

medewerker op locatie

Expertly prepared for shipment

Besides the production of wooden export packaging, Bode Packaging is specialised in packaging on location; this can take place at any desired location. Our specialists will visit you to provide your goods, break bulk or project cargo with a quality custom-made packaging.

Our field staff have extensive knowledge and experience to make your products ready for shipment in a fast and professional manner; on location. They can advise you on site about any necessary adjustments, for example, to prevent a load from shifting under extreme transport conditions.

Customised packaging

Depending on the type of product, its destination and the mode of transport (by land, sea or air), different packaging materials are used, the cost aspect of which is not unimportant. Your products are always properly protected against bumps, scratches and weather influences. In addition, we ensure that the packed cargo remains dry, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion.

No project is too big

When it comes to packing on location, Bode Packaging has proven that no project is too big. The perfect arrival of the goods at the destination proves the quality delivered by our employees. In case you have extra large products to pack, we can help you with our custom made XL packaging.

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