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Transport saddles

Customised transport saddles

We produce transport saddles according to your specifications. The design of transport saddles strongly depends on the product to be transported. The type of saddle to be used depends on the dimensions, shape and weight of the product. In addition, it should be considered where the product should be supported in order to prevent damage during transport. Once all this information has been taken into account, a decision can be made as to whether a hollow or solid saddle should be used, and whether plate or other material should be used. Obviously, we use wood that meets the ISPM 15 standard.

If the situation requires it, the transport saddles are also provided with rubber mats to be able to transport the product without scratches. In consultation with the customer, it will be determined how the product should be supported in order to prevent dents, scratches or other damage during transport.

Our work method is fast and efficient. Not only do we work from drawings, but one of our packaging experts will also visit you on-site to assess which securing method is best. Based on his observations, a quotation will be prepared for you.

Quality and speed of action are the trademarks of Bode Packaging.


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