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Bode Packaging announces buying of new location in Zwijndrecht

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Bode Packaging announces buying of new location in Zwijndrecht

Hardinxveld-Giessendam/Zwijndrecht, June 19th, 2024 – Bode Packaging, specialist in customised wooden packaging and packaging services, is proud to announce the acquisition of a new site in Zwijndrecht. This is where we start building soon, and it marks an important milestone in our company’s growth strategy.

Our current location has served us well but does not offer sufficient space and facilities to fulfil Bode’s growth ambitions. The new location in Zwijndrecht, with an area of 8,000 m², will enable us to expand our activities and serve our customers even better. More and more customers are finding us because of our high service level and we want to ensure that we are available to all our customers 24/7.

Expansion of capacities and services

The new location will not only give us more space, but also the opportunity to increase our production capacity. Bode Packaging supplies a wide range of customised wooden packaging, including boxes, crates, flooring and transport saddles. The additional space will allow us to provide more customers with high-quality packaging solutions, thus further strengthening our position in the market.

Improved services

Besides our packaging products, we also offer other services, such as (seaworthy) packaging and lashing & securing of goods. The new location in Zwijndrecht enables us to take these services to an even higher level. The modernisation and expansion of our facilities will allow us to work more efficiently and be of better service to our customers. Bode’s new location will be on the waterfront and is equipped with a quay so that we can further optimise logistics operations as well as our services.

A strategic investment in the future

“The purchase of this new location is a strategic step forward for our company,” says Frenk Snoeck, general manager of Bode Packaging.

“At the new location, we will gain additional space and be able to install and use modern facilities. This enables us to respond even better to customer demand. We are excited about the opportunities this expansion will offer us,” says Mark Leemberg, Operations Manager of Bode Packaging.

Construction of the new location will start soon. We look forward to welcoming our customers to our new location in Zwijndrecht in the near future.

For more information, please contact us by mail and/or phone: / +31 184-611 596

About Bode Packaging

Bode Packaging is a leading player in the packaging industry, providing high-quality customised export packaging and related services both at customer sites and in-house. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Bode Packaging continues to grow and develop to meet the changing needs of our customers.