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cargo securing

Your cargo properly secured

Your cargo properly secured

Although securing the load may seem an obvious process when transporting goods, it is one of the most important factors within the transport process. Cargo securing is one of the specialisations in which Bode Packaging has many years of experience. We carry out large and small projects every day, where we are able to apply the most efficient techniques for securing your cargo. Our expertise ranges from securing roll trailers to securing cargo in containers.

What exactly does cargo securing entail?

Load securing in practice means properly securing a load, in or on a vehicle. This is to prevent the load from shifting or falling during transport, or from causing damage to the load, the vehicle or surrounding vehicles and people. People’s safety can be compromised when cargo slides or falls off something. In practice, this unfortunately still tends to happen. This is partly due to misunderstandings where, for example, it is argued that heavy cargo would stay in place because of its weight. This is anything but the case, because during a storm on a ship or a sudden braking action when transporting a container, the force is great enough to shift heavy cargo as well. For this reason, it is important to secure cargo in packaging wherever possible.

Securing cargo on site

In order to transport your cargo in the best possible way, we like to think along with you about the best way to secure the cargo. In many cases, cargo is secured on site. Firstly, this is more practical than moving the object to our workshop, but in addition, we want to do our utmost to get your valuable good to its destination undamaged.

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